ALLegro PCB Editor 走线命令(Add Connect)

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    1.ACT 当前活动层面,当您想要在哪一层面走线,您就通过下拉列表选择那一层。


        ALT  模式 alternate subclass

        WL模式  Working Layers mode


    工作层模式是针对HDI(High Density Interconnect)设计的尽管你可以在任何布局中使用它)。当您选择该选项, 工作层对话框显示当前设计的etch/conductor走线层,通过弹出界面控制层面显示。 Instead of being confined to routing from an active layer to a single alternate layer, a double-click in this mode launches a pop-up GUI with all working layers available for selection. A single pick on any of the layers resumes routing on that respective layer. When routing to HDI Rules, you can automatically add stacked vias or semi-automatically add staggered vias across multiple layers. Additionally, you do not need to continually navigate from your design to the Options tab in order to select individual vias for each layer. 


        在下拉list中会显示constraint中设定的孔的类型,包括laser via(雷射孔),全通孔没有什么好讲的,主要是雷射孔,需要选择当前活动层面与交替子类层面来决定盲埋孔的选择。

    4.在选择连接点时,网络名自动显示,无网络则显示Null Net;

    5.line lock:走线类型包含

        line  (直线方式)----包含 (off  45  90)走线角度  其中off表示任意角度

        arc(圆弧方式))----包含 (off  45  90)走线弧度 其中off表示任意弧度

    6.route offset:走线偏移 默认10度, 范围4-18.5度


        1X width 表示 一倍线宽; 选项包含  ----当走线角度为45度才显示(针对直线,arc模式时miter隐藏,显示raduis)

        min  最小是前面设置的宽度

        fixed 锁定于前面设置的宽度

    8 Radius  半径 --在图中没有显示 

    当选走线模式选择圆弧方式,且弧度为45度或90度时在 miter显示位置,显示raduis,off时该位置空白,什么都不显示

    Min: 允许弧度半径的最小值。

    Fixed: 锁定半径值。

    For concurrent routing of differential pairs, this Min or Fixed value applies to the inside (smaller) corner of the trace.

    9 . 线宽Line width


    10 推挤模式Bubble


    Off: 不做任何推挤,难以避免DRC发生;

    Hug Only: 以某一对象为参考,进行走线;

    Hug Preferred:  以某一对象为参考,避免Spacing DRC,进行走线;如果要强行走到参考区域或越过参考区域,则当前走线会推挤参考对象--cline 或 via等,但推挤效果不如Shove Preferred 模式

    Shove Preferred: 推挤走线,如果推挤不了,则系统会转为hug模式

Shove vias

Allows the bubble functionality in shove mode to move vias when you are editing etch/conductor. It is only active when Bubble is enabled.

These are the choices:

Full: Vias are shoved in a shove-preferred manner. Any new or edited etch/conductor always shoves vias out of the way.

Minimal: Vias are shoved in a hug-preferred manner. Vias are not moved unless there is no way to draw a connect line around them.

Off: Vias are not shoved


Specifies that the etch/conductor can go off the routing grid. Gridless routing lets the tool add connections at maximum density while accommodating varying design rules and line widths. The DRC minimum space separates objects.

When Bubble is disabled, the Gridless field controls the removal of a small segment at the end of the new route when in add connect mode. Normally, if the last segment is small, the editor does not add it (to avoid adding a little jog). If Gridless is off, the editor adds the segment.

Clip dangling clines

Active for shove-preferred mode and controls whether the tool clips back dangling clines to fix DRC errors. When disabled, the dangling cline endpoints remain unchanged, and the tool corrects the DRC errors, if possible, by bubbling the new cline around the dangling endpoints (similar to hug-preferred mode).


Active when you set the Bubble field to hug- or shove-preferred mode and controls whether smoothing occurs on the cline to minimize segments between the start and finish points. Smoothing occurs dynamically as you move the mouse on cline segments close to the segment you selected.

Performance with the Smooth option active may be somewhat slower than when it is inactive.

These are the choices:

Minimal: Executes dynamic smoothing to minimize unnecessary segments.

Full: Executes more extensive smoothing to remove any unnecessary jogs.

Super: For APD and SiP only. Removes unnecessary vertices for the entire cline, as well as the shoved traces, during routing or sliding.

Note: With any of the Smooth options, if you attach a FIXED property to a cline, there is no smoothing on the specified cline.

Off: Disables smoothing.

Note: Full smoothing does not smooth the cline you are adding back to its source. Rather, it smooths the newly created etch/conductor back to your last pick. Additionally, parts of other clines that are shoved during this procedure may also be smoothed.

Snap to connect point

Specifies whether the connection snaps to the connect point if it is close to a target element.

Replace etch/conductor

Changes the path of an existing trace without extra delete and add steps. Add a loop into an existing trace and add connect recognizes the older portion of the loop and automatically deletes it.


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